Learning to fly isn't an overnight process, but it's not an impossible dream either.

RWAA is a modern and high-tech flight training academy equipped with a fleet of aircraft and simulators to suit its needs.  Our single-engine fleet consists of Cessna 172 Skyhawk aircraft while the multi-engine fleet consists of Tecnam P2006T.  The full fleet is fitted with Garmin 1000 glass cockpits giving cadets exposure to the most modern technology.  

Our teaching philosophy is to provide you with not just the “stick and rudder” skills of an experienced airman, but the ability to make complex decisions, which will set you apart from the traditional methodology of flight training.  Our training ethos is focused on producing future airline captains, rather than simply training students to obtain a license.  To achieve this we have made, and continue to make, considerable infrastructure and asset investments to supply appropriate aircraft and simulators for training.

At RWAA we use some of the most modern, technologically advanced aircraft and flight training devices available today to ensure our cadets receive the very best preparation available for either their aviation careers or just recreational flying.

We have combined the culture, energy, and excitement of aviation to ensure that you experience a dynamic, unique, and rewarding environment from the first day of your course work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop tomorrow's career pilot through the most unique industry-specific training experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers with uncompromising quality and safety.

Our Values

  • We train each pilot to be an effective crewmember and employee with a positive attitude, strong work ethic, sound aeronautical decision-making skills, and exceptional airmanship.

  • We maintain an unwavering commitment to innovation through a unique and focused strategy that differentiates RWAA in the marketplace.

  • We train pilots in a team-oriented environment to professional standards demanded by the aviation industry.

  • We provide a relentless dedication to the quality of education and care are given to our customers.

  • We maintain a strict policy of honesty and integrity with our customers, industry partners, and staff.

  • We provide an “all-encompassing” positive safety culture incorporating fundamental safety principles into every aspect of training and operations.



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