Whether offering this unique opportunity as a gift to a friend or family member, or you’re just intrigued by flying, RWAA offers the perfect opportunity to experience the fantasy of flight.

A discovery flight lesson is a superb way to experience the freedom of flight first hand. It could be the start of a real aviation adventure and a possible future in the skies.

Here at RWAA, we have helped many individuals experience flight through a discovery flight: some bought as a treat by the individuals themselves, others as red-letter day flying experiences, others bought as gift flights for a birthday or anniversary, or to mark some other special occasions.

There is no feeling quite like taking the control of an aircraft for the very first time and it is an experience everyone should have – at least once in their lifetime.

Discovery flights are held every Thursday. The cost is SAR 2,500 per flight.

We will provide a ground briefing and then allow you to fly in a Cessna 172 aircraft with one of our certified flight instructors for just SAR 2,500* only. The total time for discovery flight is less than 30 min. which includes both flying and briefing sessions.

*This charge will be credited toward any future flight training related activity at RWAA, completed within 6 months.


Call us at +966-562674620 or email and book your discovery flight. It could be the start of a great aviation adventure!



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