Professional Pilot Program

The objective of our professional pilot program is to prepare students for safe and effective careers as professional pilots. Students who complete the program will be ready to fly commercially as a pilot. Typically, a pilot who completes the professional pilot program will work as a pilot in flight schools, banner towing, corporate flight, or other general aviation industry segments. Many students will continue after program completion to become flight instructors to build the flight time requirements for airline pilot careers. The program includes all the required training for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot certificates. The completion time is approximately 14-18 months. Admission requirements include holding a GACA medical certificate, KSA citizenship, and satisfy all requirements of the enrollment agreement.

Commercial Pilot training and preparation are our core focus at RWAA. The realities of post-training employment are something that has to be fully understood before embarking on this process and with this in mind, we suggest a scheduled meeting with one of our experienced instructors for an in-depth discussion.