RWAA offers Redbird Flight Simulator Experience


RWAA is proud to feature the Redbird™ MCX.  Whether you are a student looking to practice emergency procedures, or an IFR-rated pilot looking to brush up on instrument flying, the Redbird MCX Motion Simulator is a great alternative to the real thing!

Redbird™ MCX - When it comes to flight simulation, there’s little doubt that motion is desirable but the steep cost of most motion simulators makes the idea of owning one ridiculous for most training operations. But not anymore!   The Redbird MCX is ideal for any flight school, providing enhanced training from student pilot to the professional crew. The dual controls of the MCX allow an instructor, instructor-in-training, or co-pilot to perform maneuvers from the right seat. During initial pilot training, an instructor can demonstrate maneuvers from the right seat before the student tries their hand, just like you would do in a real airplane.


For advanced training, the MCX provides a platform where crew training can be perfected.

In addition to the impressive features found on other Redbird full-motion simulators, the MCX includes a dual, control-loading yoke system and dual rudder pedals for simultaneous pilot and copilot control. When you add this dual control system to the MCX’s wrap-around visuals, quick-change cockpit configurations, and extensive government approvals, the MCX becomes a truly powerful training tool for any organization.

Training for Modern Crew Environments

The flight training industry is facing a huge demand for professional pilots to operate the airliners and business jets during the next wave of aviation growth. Most of these pilots will go to work in a crew environment from day one. It’s time we started teaching our students how to safely and effectively perform when they’ve got someone else in the cockpit with them. This is where the MCX shines. It’s full dual control system allows you to put your students in real-world Crew Resource Management (CRM) situations well before they have 200+ passengers in the back.




•    Electric motion platform
•    Fully enclosed cockpit
•    Wrap-around exterior visuals
•    Quick-change cockpit configurations
•    Single and multi-engine
•    Traditional and glass cockpits
•    Compatible with pilot headsets
•    User defined missions compatible with scenario-based training
•    Complete terrain and airport database
•    Instructor’s station inside cockpit

Immersing the pilot in the simulation is essential to selling sensation of flight. Sitting in a corner at a desktop trainer might help to train certain skills, but it will never be confused for real flight. You have to isolate the pilot and instructor from the outside world so that they can be totally focused on the simulation. That’s why the Redbird FMX comes equipped with a light-weight aluminum cockpit enclosure. Not only does this help to immerse the pilot in the simulation, but it also isolates the student and instructor from outside distractions that can easily derail a training session.