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RWAA provides a full portfolio of aviation training. Training is conducted at Rabigh Domestic Airport, located just to the North of Jeddah International Airport, one of the most dynamic hubs of airline and corporate charter activity. The benefits of training so close to an International Airport are numerous, the greatest being the knowledge and experience that the future pilot will gain, knowing he or she can operate in any airspace or into any airport with confidence.

The airspace around Rabigh Airport is wide and open and the practice area is a few minutes’ flying time away, reducing overall flight costs and maximizing the training-to-flight time.

We conduct all training on traditional and glass-cockpit aircraft, tried and tested, flight instrument equipped Cessna 172 single-engine and Tecnam P2006T multi-engine aircraft. These aircraft are the international staple of ab-initio training, which properly prepares the candidate for the realities of commercial aviation. As modern glass cockpits are the way of the future, all our aircraft are equipped with Garmin 1000 glass cockpits 

Our Professional Pilot Program (PPP) allows the aspirant career Commercial Pilot to progress through a defined and structured career path, which includes the possibility to work as a flight instructor at RWAA. Courses are offered on a full-time or part-time basis structured entirely around your needs and time frame.

•    Training courses include, but are not limited to:
•    Discovery Flight
•    Private Pilot License
•    Instrument Rating 
•    Commercial Pilot License
•    Initial Multi-Engine Rating
•    Simulator Training
•    All Ground School theory classes

We also provide Hire and Fly options for recreational flyers with Structured Hour building for the Commercial License offered in bulk packages to suit your needs.

All future students are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our administration associates to discuss the courses.


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